Winter/Spring 2017 Events at the Collapsable Hole

Mallory Catlett | Dead Time of Plenty

January 9, 10 & 14, 2-4pm

Open Studio hours of Mallory Catlett’s Dead Time of Plenty, which sets the physical relationship of an old woman, a girl and a dog against the backdrop of a dystopian city. Excerpts of this durational performance installation feature Black-Eyed Susan, Aleta Findlay and Milo with sound by Lea Bertucci. The space will be open for people to come and go. Stay 10 minutes or an hour. This is a Creative Capital project and one half of a diptych called M/F FUTURE.

Jim Findlay | Electric Lucifer

February 17-18, 8pm

Work in progress excerpts from Jim Findlay’s Electric Lucifer, an electronic rock opera about torture, suffering and redemption. Written and directed by Jim Findlay, composed by the ghost of Bruce Haack in collaboration with Philip White and choreographed by Okwui Okpokwasili. Additional collaborators include Masha Tsimring, Jeff Sugg, Victor Morales, Maurina Lioce, Enver Chakartash and performers Ian Belton, Seth Braley, Brendan Connelly, Nikki Calonge, Elizabeth Dement, Jake Denney, Tendayi Kuumba, Prentice Onayemi and Tom Pearl.

David Commander & Rob Ramirez | Steve of Tomorrow

March 16 - April 1

Steve of Tomorrow is a new technology-infused puppet performance created by toy theater artist David Commander in collaboration with media artist Rob Ramirez and co-produced by Immediate Medium. In Steve of Tomorrow, Commander turns his satirical gaze to our tech-obsessed present to explore whether technology is leading us on a path to a utopian future, or if our gadgetry and media have caught us in a destructive loop of self-obsession.

Radiohole | Super-Fun Exclusive Experimental TV Party Featuring Two Perimenopausal Wet Pussies & One Limp Dick
Special guests: The Big Smooth Band

Thursday, May 18 | Friday, May 19 | Saturday, May 20

Doors open 8:00pm
Show starts 8:30pm

$15 cash at the door

Radiohole's Super-Fun Exclusive Experimental TV Party Featuring Two Perimenopausal Wet Pussies & One Limp Dick is a party-performance experiment. It is part of Radiohole's broad exploration of the creative spirit of New York City in the 1970s and early 1980s. This era saw the birth of punk, hip-hop, new wave, no wave and radical artistic experimentation in every medium - including television! Many of NYC's brightest and weirdest brought their talents to cable access shows like Glenn O'Brien's "TV Party" or Coco Crystal's "If I Can't Dance You Can Keep Your Revolution". In the spirit of these TV Pioneers, we'll be hosting a show that could be a party or a party that could be a show, featuring interviews, special musical guests, drinking, dancing and as always, your favorite Radiohole personalities, Two Perimenopausal Pussies and One Limp Dick.

Spring 2017 Residencies
Paul Shambroom, Aaron Landsman, Jim Findlay and Mallory Catlett | Squares

Dates TBD

Squares is a visual installation and performance created by Minneapolis photographer Paul Shambroom in collaboration with New York based theater artists Aaron Landsman (writer), Mallory Catlett (director), and Jim Findlay (designer.) Derived from a single uncut reel of 584 cast-off snapshots processed at a Minneapolis lab in 1976, the project includes research with community members, a visual installation and a live work, which together look at ways image-making, performance and cultural nostalgia are absorbed and refracted by new and obsolete technology. Shambroom has created a rotating analog projection device that serves as a touchstone for the live work as well as a stand-alone exhibition object.

Collapsable Hole Artist Work at Other Venues

Daniel Fish | Untitled

January 12-20, 2017, 2pm
@ The Chocolate Factory, co-presented with PS122/Coil

“I was thinking about confined spaces, the space between the viewer and the screen, the space between two people, how being trapped in a space can seem liberating, the films of Chantal Akerman and something a friend of mine, long since dead, said about how every time he shouts the walls of his prison to dust, another rises up. And about what happens when the talking stops.” Created with residency support from Collapsable Hole.

Okwui Okpokwasili | Poor People's TV Room

April 19-29, 2017
@ New York Live Arts

Bessie Award-winning and New York Live Arts’ Stryker/Ranjelovic Resident Commissioned Artist Okwui Okpokwasili presents the culmination of her two-year residency at Live Arts with the New York Premiere of Poor People’s TV Room. The piece is informed by two historic incidents in Nigeria: The Women’s War of 1929, a resistance movement against British colonial powers, and the Boko Haram kidnappings of more than 300 girls that launched the Bring Back Our Girls movement. Created in collaboration with director/visual designer Peter Born, the piece will be performed by a multi-generational ensemble, featuring movement, song and text influenced by dystopian folklore, speculative fiction, Igbo cosmology and the futures and commodities markets. Created with residency support from Collapsable Hole.